GRISIS - Risk management and security of infrastructures on a regional scale





Source of co-financing

Manifestazione di interesse per la realizzazione di piattaforme tecnologiche nell'ambito dell'accordo di programma: "Distretti ad alta tecnologia, aggregazioni e laboratori pubblico privati per il rafforzamento del potenziale scientifico e tecnologico della Regione Campania"


Development of methodologies, techniques and procedures for risk assessment and safety management of large civil infrastructures and networks of goods and services

Tecnosistem Activities

Identification of automated tools and operational measures to ensure the safety and protection of human life in the event of an emergency event, in the railway and metropolitan area, both from the point of view of emergency management, and as regards the implications on the design of the '' plant dedicated to the prevention and mitigation of risk in the event of a calamitous event
The methodologies studied will be applied to a section of the EAV Circuflegrea line, subject of experimentation of the project