VERO - Virtual Engineering for Railway and autOmotive - Virtual engineering tools and methods for innovation in the automotive and railway sector




Ansaldo STS S.p.A. - Hitachi Group

Source of co-financing

POR Campania 2007-2013 - Bando "CAMPUS" per progetti di ricerca industriale e sviluppo sperimentale


With reference to the issues relating to the new technologies of Virtual Engineering for safety and maintainability in the automotive and railway transport systems sector, the project developed techniques and methodologies of computer-aided design and virtual prototyping for the improvement of the characteristics of " preventive safety "of the vehicle, both in operation and during the maintenance phase

Tecnosistem Activities

Contribution to the development of Virtual Engineering guidelines and methodologies to be applied to the design of a complex subassembly, with a view to improving the maintenance process.
Application of Structural Health Monitoring methods for damage detection and characterization, fluid dynamics simulation for the study of temperature distributions inside a railway girder and FE modeling for the optimization of the parameters that influence the distribution of pressures on the seat and back automotive.
Collaboration with Ansaldo STS for the study of the braking curves of the on-board subsystem of the “European Railway Agency” model of the ERTMS L2 system