COMPOSITES - Composities for the Safety of Transport Infrastructures subject to EStreme actions




Tecnosistem S.p.A.

Source of co-financing

Bando per la concessione degli aiuti alle PMI per la realizzazione di progetti di ricerca industriale e di sviluppo precompetitivo in attuazione della Misura 3.17 del POR Campania 2000/2006


Development of design methods for passive protection systems and lining of tunnels of underground underground stations, with respect to extreme actions

Tecnosistem Activities

Technical - Economic Coordination of the project.
Design, construction and installation of a composite material cladding prototype, at the tunnel of the former Cumana station in Montesanto, whose physical and mechanical behavior was simulated in extreme conditions (explosion) to verify its ability to mitigate the effects on the elements load-bearing structural elements of the tunnel, with a consequent reduction in damage to the occupants.