The BRT network of Taranto has a total extension of 71km and consists of two lines (Blue and Red) partially overlapping for more than 7 km in the nerve center of the city, in order to double the frequency of the service throughout this area. The Blue Line has a West-South development and connects, with two branches, the district of Tamburi with that of Talsano. The Red Line, on the other hand, has a North-East development and connects the Paolo IV district to the Cimmino Pinewood

Tecnosistem Activities

Technical Economic Feasibility Project And Detailed Design - Coordination, Seismic Geotechnics and Hydrology, Particle Plans, Environmental Impact Study, Urban and Landscape Insertion, Safety and Construction Site, Fire Protection Design, Transport Studies, Estimates, Environmental and Minimum Energy Criteria, Economic-Financial Plan and Sustainability of the Work, Road Design and Interference, Architectural Design Stopping Green Works and Urban Furnishings, Road Lighting and Traffic Light Systems Design, Topographic Surveys, Geotechnical and Transport Surveys, Support to the Contracting Authority for practical drafting at MIT, Entity Interface