Within the context of the restoration activities of the premises of Naples, Zevallos Stigliano building, Banca Intesa defined to adjust mainly the electricity distribution network, low and medium voltage, and the air conditioning system of the building to the architectural and utilities needs to the current law requirements. Such needs result from the defined interventions.

Tecnosistem Activities

Tecnosistem supported Banca Intesa in for the elaboration of the documentation required by the work tender: interventions on the earthing systems, protection against atmospheric discharge, and power factor connection; air conditioning system; analyses CFD for valutation temperatures, humidity, and air flows, depending on the outside atmospheric conditions, on the designed system, on the defined crowding, and on the heating sources inside.
Further analyses have been performed in an adjoining museum area of the premises, whose target to define the temperature, humidity and air speed levels in an area which keep a precious painting by Caravaggio